Travelling Cars: Photographer goes on exciting mini adventures with tiny toy cars

In her ongoing series Travelling Cars, photographer Kim Leuenberger loves to travel and take pictures of vintage toy cars placed in different city and landscapes, creating amusing little artworks that imagine a miniature world.

Using mini versions of motoring classics – including everything from the VW Beetle and Camper to the original Mini Cooper – she finds beautiful scenery to use as a stunning backdrop and then finds ways to incorporate the toy cars.

In a recent article on Bored Panda, she said: "Each little car has got its own personality and face, and they're all unique characters. The process of creating these images is a sort of self-therapy for me, enabling me to enter my bubble and forget everything around that worries me, I just fall back into that innocence of childhood and everything is so easy. I love to play with water especially, reflections, out of focus areas."

Born in Switzerland in a region called Jura, Kim is currently living in London and studying Photography at University of the Arts London. She considers herself to be quite the global explorer and loves to combine her passion for photography and classic cars in her clever series. Discover more of her adventures and work at Or follow her on Instagram.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Kim Leuenberger


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