Borders & Boundaries: Embroidery art that highlights the world's humanitarian crisis

In her project Borders and Boundaries, embroidery artist Danielle Clough – featured previously – weaved a beautiful colourful bird into wired fencing, as commissioned by United Nations for the lead up to its first World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul today.

Hundreds of world leaders have gathered for the event, the objective of which is to improve the global humanitarian system – tackling the estimated 130 million people who are in need of aid around the world.

Danielle's artwork aims to highlight the issues up for discussion. She was one of many artists from around the globe to create and donate a piece of art, symbolising the “Agenda for Humanity”, the Secretary-General’s vision for the future of humanitarian action.

Created on a rusted gate in a burnt-down car shop in Cape Town, she explains: "The ideas of boundaries and borders are very relevant today. Either feeling bound to them or trapped behind them; Our kindness and understanding depending on what side of the fence we are on. This to me speaks to 'Prevent and End conflict'. If we look at the things that divide us differently, if we see our differences as opportunity we can see that we are all stitched together. We can find peace."

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of By Jono


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