Minimalist photographs that pick out the colour, symmetry and patterns of cities

When it comes to picking out the finer details of a city's architecture and street infrastructure, German photographer Matthias Heiderich – featured previously – is someone who never fails to impress with his ongoing series of fine art photography.

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Matthias Heiderich

Via direct submission. All images courtesy of Matthias Heiderich

Often minimalist, and always colourful, his architectural photographs turn what is normally considered mundane into something beautiful. This particular series captures the architecture, places and scenes of Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Leipzig, Lisbon, Milano and Rome.

Looking through the different images, it's difficult to guess where each one was taken, but every shot is so enticing because of its simplicity and elegance. If you're a sucker for photography that plucks out the patterns and symmetry of the world's greatest cities, then you can follow Matthias on Instagram for further inspiration. Discover more about the Berlin-based photographer at

Via Behance | All images © 2016 Matthias Heiderich


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