Journal Of The Kitsch: A publication that treads the fine line between vulgarity and style

Etienne Azar Philippe is a young Art Director from Paris. He is the creative mind behind Journal Of The Kitsch, a self initiated project that questions aesthetics and taste in general.

It explores the notion that what is marvellous for some might be savagely ugly and boring for others. One person alone might also have conflicting views on the matter, depending on their stage in life.

Whether a fan of 'kitsch' or not, Etienne believes that the publication is approachable from different spectrums, mainly humour, information, layout and voyeurism.

The inspiration for the project came via a lack of freedom in freelance graphic design work. The designer explains: "For that reason I try on the side to produce works that have no limits, apart from those I choose. It is also a space of research for me, like a laboratory, where I can try stuff that is (sadly) not always welcomed by clients."

Discover more over on Behance.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Etienne Azar Philippe


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