Thought-provoking 'Beyond the Body' exhibition reveals the hidden traumas behind obesity

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of photographers Winkler+Noah

We all know that the term 'obese' describes a person who's very overweight with a lot of body fat. It's a common problem here in the UK with one in four adults affected.

But did you ever stop to think what it must be like for someone exceeding their healthy BMI? Sadly, it's not surprising that an obese person is often seen – and judged – only by his or her appearance. In an exclusive exhibition at Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in Milan this week, photographers Winkler+Noah hope to change all that with a series of images, made in collaboration with four renowned Italian artists.

Illustrator Elisa Macellari, street artist Millo, tattoo artist Amanda Toy and calligrapher Nicolò Visioli have reinterpreted the real-life stories of four obese people, painting their words directly onto their bodies, which Winkler+Noah then photographed.

Some of those featured are the protagonists of the second season of La Clinica per Rinascere – Obesity Center Caserta, the original TV series on air on Real Time in which obese people decide to change their lives returning to a normal weight.

Beyond the Body was created by We Are Social, as well as production agency H Films, for Discovery Italia.