Teddy Kang's delightful illustrations that literally burst with colour and life

"I always fall in love with colourful things," says Toronto-based illustrator Teddy Kang (featured previously). "Anything that contains colour gets my attention!" In fact, colour quite literally bursts from every single element of Teddy's work.

"I like to think that every colour has its own emotion and personality, just as every different person does, and that this somehow reflects life in Toronto. It always makes me curious – and happy – to see how different colours interact, and works with each other; some of them can be friends, some could be enemies. So colour is always a fun thing to play with in my illustrations."

Originally from China, Teddy was one of the "25 of the Most Creative Visual Artists Under 25", according to Adobe Photoshop in 2015. Since then, he's been working as a freelancer for magazines, publishing houses, advertising agencies and many other clients all over the world.

He's currently working on a personal illustration series named "This is what I actually aspire to do in the Summer", which contains a tons of things that we enjoy to do during the warmer months, such as "eating the whole day" and "hiking with friends". Follow his latest work at teddykang.com.


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