Ragged Edge rebrands restaurant chain Giraffe as as Giraffe World Kitchen

London-based branding agency Ragged Edge recently unveiled its work to rebrand restaurant chain Giraffe, aiming to "reinvent a family favourite for the Instagram generation".

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Ragged Edge

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Ragged Edge

The agency was briefed to create a new approach that would attract more snap 'n' share evening diners without losing its core customer base, mainly families eating there during the daytime.

A new proposition –Taste A Whole New World – was put in place. "The brand idea gives Giraffe a purpose that resonates with both existing customers and the new target audience of experience-hungry millennials," says Ragged Edge. “Just as importantly it’s true to its founding purpose: to travel the globe in search of the world’s best dishes.”

The look and feel of the new branding was inspired by sign painting styles from around the world, and the team created a set of hand-painted typefaces that aim to give Giraffe World Kitchen "a credible, authentic voice," says the agency. "The colour palette is bright but rooted firmly in food, while photography and illustration focus on telling the stories around each dish. And the new logo makes sense of the name, gently playing on the giraffe’s unique ability to raise its head above the trees in search of new discoveries."


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