The Brewers: Duncan Elliott captures the inner sanctum of Manchester's finest breweries

If you love a nice pint, and you're curious to know how your favourite local beers are made, then look no further than this refreshing series by photographer Duncan Elliott. He recently collaborated with Manchester's Port Street Beer House to capture the city's thriving craft beer scene.

All images courtesy of Duncan Elliott

All images courtesy of Duncan Elliott

After coming up with the idea for The Brewers project with the local pub's events manager Seb, Duncan visited four of Manchester's best breweries: Blackjack, Cloudwater, Runaway and Track, photographing the people who work there and the processes they use to create their beer.

"I really wanted to capture the inner workings of the breweries that we don't really think about when we order our drinks," says Duncan. "They are beautiful places, full of texture, amazing shapes and structures, visual order, craft and passion and I aimed to produce images that show all of these aspects. Similarly, the brewers themselves are the most brilliant bunch of people and I wanted their portraits to convey the pride they have in their product."

An editorial and commercial photographer, Duncan specialises in portraiture and documentary work, and his clients include The Sunday Times, Wire Magazine, Strava, Another Escape, Sidetracked and Red Bull. His series, The Brewers, is currently on show at Port Street Beer Houses. Details can be found at

Duncan adds: "Witnessing the processes that go into creating these great beers means I sip my pint more slowly, thinking of the hard work that has gone into making the beer in that pint glass."


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