Nina Chakrabarti's whimsical illustrations of faces, plants, and bric a brac

There’s something so charming and whimsical about the work of London-based Nina Chakrabarti. She manages to find something special in the most apparently mundane little things in life, and creates gorgeous smorgasbords of objects from plants to a range of hot sauces to shoes, cups and kitchen utensils. There’s a lovely sense of freedom in her lifework, and the way she uses just a single colour against a striking, bright background really makes the work pop.

Elsewhere in her portfolio, we can't get enough of her little portraits of what she terms "interesting and beguiling faces," particularly the one that seems to portray a woman with a little seal on her head.

Chakrabarti was born in Calcutta, India, and holds her BA from London’s Central Saint Martins and her MA from the Royal College of Art.


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