Upon Shoulders: Adam Hall's paintings that show the world from a higher perspective

For his series Upon Shoulders, American artist Adam Hall was inspired by a classic expression from Isaac Newton: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." From a completely different perspective, many of his paintings are therefore from a higher point of view, as though a child was on your shoulders, looking out upon the vast horizon.

Working mostly with charcoals and oils, and completely self-taught, Adam attempts to mix traditional style with contemporary. Using palette knifes and layering techniques he creates a real richness and depth to his work. "Art is such a powerful tool," says Adam. "I strive to use it in the most positive way I know how."

While his passion for art began growing up in Wellsburg, West Virginia, his professional career began nearly a decade ago in Nashville. Adam quickly became involved with a local interior design firm whose clients took great interest and demand for his art. His work is now featured in several galleries throughout the States.

Upon Shoulders will go on show at the Robert Lange Studios in Charleston this July. To find out more about Adam and his work, visit adamhallart.com.


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