Tanya Shyika wants to make illustrations that share her positivity

We can't get enough of the cute, colourful work of illustrator Tanya Shyika, born in Ukraine and currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Having studied illustration at the Berlin University of Arts (UdK) and Pratt Institute, the artist now works across projects including book cover illustrations, maps, mobile apps and comics.

“I love sharing my positive life approach with people through my illustrations, and I really appreciate humour and try to implement it in some way into my work and make people smile more,” says Shyika. “I believe that even the most serious topics can be talked about in a humorous and light-hearted way, and it only makes them more relatable and approachable.”

To achieve that sense of playfulness and approachability, Shyika’s colour palettes and bright “but balances,” she says. That ability to use various bright tones together to create an impact was honed through the artist’s background in printmaking, and her expense building up images through shapes and layers in screen printing–a process she describes as “absolutely magical.”

Shyika adds: “When creating an illustration for a screen print you would usually try to use only two or three colours because otherwise, the process gets too complicated. I think I'm still tuned to work this way, that's why I try to make simple but effective colour combinations.

“I try not to repeat myself and make it a challenge and something I've never done before with every new piece. This helps me to stay relevant and explore other techniques and tools. I try to stay open to pretty much everything in the world and I think it affects my work in a good way.”


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