Summer in the City: Artist paints the happiness we feel when the sun shines

Something magical happens when the sun shines. We become a little happier. Perhaps a little more patient and compassionate. Our very bones feel better for the warmth. Walking through my home city of Manchester on a sunny day, and it's clear to see that summer makes us all smile. This is the exact sentiment that drips from every painting that Spanish artist Reyes De La Flor creates.

She celebrates the positive side of humanity, picking out what might be construed as ordinary but is actually quite special. Friends enjoying each other's company, sat on some steps outside a city library – laughing and joking. People happily wandering through the streets, window shopping. Older couples enjoying a late afternoon drink outside a bar, watching the world go by. Every painting gives us that immediate holiday feeling.

She explains: "Finding out the treasure behind ordinary life, I develop my pictorial work from situations I watch around me. Interested in human being sight. Inspired by life. The most bewitching are the others."

Discover more of her beautiful work on Behance.

Via Behance


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