Charming photo series that celebrates the beauty of an older woman called Nora

When some people retire or get older, they complain that they feel invisible in a society obsessed with youthfulness. They perhaps feel redundant and no longer as appealing as they might have been in their younger years.

Through photographer Emily Stein's latest project – Hello, I'm Nora – she challenges this way of thinking by introducing us to 73-year old Nora, a pensioner who is dealing with her own perception of age and beauty, unwilling to simply 'disappear' and be regarded as old and 'passed it', like some do.

Capturing the honesty and imperfections of old age, Emily brings out the beauty of her subject – connecting with how Nora feels about her body and self-image. Each considered and charming photograph reveals the spirit of this older woman, and gives us a glimpse at her wild and interesting life over many decades. The series, although sexy at times, is tasteful and even helped Nora to appreciate that she is beautiful, despite her concerns about her age.

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Emily Stein


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