Forms of Formalism: A new book series that compares form and style

Forms of Formalism is a new book series that gathers contributions around the notion of form and its –ism. The project was initiated at the Bauhaus University of Weimar and evolved by featuring the works of photographers such as Daniel Everett, Mishka Henner or Bas Princen next to critical contributions by international architects and students.

Editor Louis De Belle said: "The notion of formalism is rather wide and can be read under different lights. Some may associate it with a merely aesthetic analysis or composition, whereas shape and structure prioritise the medium over context and content. Yet many would agree on seeing in it a basic element of many practices.

"Rather than define it, we decided to create a series of pocket books, each of which explores its different paradigms by gathering photography in the first half and critical essays in the second. We strive to keep this elementary cut, so that the readers can focus better on each contribution."

Following the launch of Forms of Formalism N3, works by Bas Princen, Maxime Guyon and Daniel Everett will be on view at an event curated by Louis De Belle, Delfino Sisto Legnani and Nicolò Ornaghi. Opening on the 30th June at MEGA in Piazza Vetra 21, Milano.

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