Shanti Sparrow looks to the sea, land and sky to create this vibrant luggage for American Tourister

All images courtesy of Shanti Sparrow. Photographer: Connor Callahan

For her colourful collaboration with luggage brand American Tourister, Shanti Sparrow created a limited-edition collection, covered in tropical illustrations inspired by the three modes of transport – water, land and air.

Called WaveBreakers, the luggage is vibrant and full of textures and intricate patterns: a style we've come to expect and love from the Australian designer and illustrator.

Different animals represent each of the travel modes and are camouflaged within layered botanical elements inviting us to explore and discover all the little details. "My art offers a sense of escapism and allows people to take a little art on holiday. The range might blend perfectly with your next tropical destination but you'll soon spot your luggage on the baggage carousel."

WaveBreakers by Shanti Sparrow for American Tourister is available in three sizes starting from 55cm. See the full collection at