If you think Secret Santa is rubbish, take a look at this 'ungifted' green solution courtesy of Pentagram

If you're concerned about another wasteful Secret Santa this year, then Do The Green Thing has a solution that changes the strange tradition of giving our colleagues stuff they don't really want.

Ungifted Secret Santa is a free platform where you and your workmates can gift each other nice surprises instead of stuff that's destined for landfill – it could be anything from a month of memes to a surprise burrito. There are lots of suggestions to help inspire people, alternatively, you can make up your own gift ideas.

Founded by communication creatives Andy Hobsbawm and Naresh Ramchandani, Do The Green Thing is run from Pentagram's London headquarters, where Naresh is a partner. Founded in 2007, it's an initiative that uses creativity to tackle climate change.

We personally love the 'Unprompted applause in their next meeting' gift with the description being: "They’ve contributed relentlessly and it’s been overlooked remorselessly – but it’s time for that to change. So when they make a great point in an upcoming meeting, surprise them with the applause they utterly deserve."

Or what about having someone water your desk plants for a month or walk the office dog? It's a lovely idea for those of us who are truly thinking about sustainability. Watch the (https://vimeo.com/371607024) to discover more or sign up at ungiftedsecretsanta.com.


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