Shake Up: Futura designs appetising brand identity for vegan super food

Mexico-based design studio Futura was tasked with creating a brand identity for new vegan super food product, Shake Up. Consisting of a powder, the product is aimed at those that don't have time for breakfast every morning.

One of the initial main objectives was to define the habits of the target consumer. In response to their findings, Futura numbered each individual portion so that users "could organise their week and notice whenever they skip a meal."

"We defined the name of the product as 'Shake Up', making reference to the act of shaking the powder with liquid in order to consume it, but also because this is a morning product and it reminded us of the phrase: wake up!

"The colour selection has to do with each flavour, and the combination of black and silver is to give the sensation of strength."

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Via Behance


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