Star-Spangled Psyche: Painting series explores the minds of American Millennials

Morgan Granoski is a studio artist and graphic designer from Memphis, Tennessee. Having recently earned her BFA from Christian Brothers University, with a focus in Graphic Design, she began her current body of work, Star-Spangled Psyche, as part of her BFA showcase.

The painting series explores the minds of American Millennials – their values, attitudes, and the way in which they communicate. A Millennial herself at only 22 years old, much of Granoski’s work is influenced by her own personal experiences of being a young female in America.

She explains: "More specifically, this series examines the way in which teenagers and young adults are pressured by American media through various avenues to fit into heteronormative gender roles, and how it inherently affects the way in which males and females view themselves and interact with one another."

The artist uses symbols such as cars and tools to poke fun at what it means to 'be a man'. Faceless female figures appear to be shameful of their exposed bodies, but at the same time seem oblivious to the viewer's gaze.

Video game controllers and smart phones emphasise the generation's reliance on technology as a form of impersonal communication, entertainment, and instant gratification. Shades of red, white and blue dominate the pieces, giving the otherwise moody pieces an inviting facade while also reinforcing the overarching theme: American Youth.

Now living in San Antonio, Texas, Granoski works as a graphic designer while continuing to expand the Star-Spangled Psyche series with a southwestern aesthetic, inspired by her new surroundings.

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Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Morgan Granoski


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