Photographer captures day-to-day life on the streets of Amsterdam

This photography collection is by Amsterdam-based artist, Julie Hrudova. In a bid to capture the day-to-day activities of her local city folk, the photographer's ongoing series acts as "a general portrait of inhabitants/visitors and their surroundings."

Hrudova explains: "Whenever I see something interesting I capture it. It's more about the moment, a coincidence, fixation of movement, emotion. It all happens on the streets."

Julie Hrudova is a street and documentary photographer born in Prague, but now based in Amsterdam. In 2012 she graduated with a Masters in Film and Photography Science from Leiden, The Netherlands. Since then she has been working for various newspapers and magazines.

When Hrudova takes pictures on the streets she focuses on the overall atmosphere and emotion, rather than on what's truly happening. In this way she tries to translate other people's reality into her own. Check out more of her work at

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Julie Hrudova


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