Serenaded portraits of bubble gum, cocktail drinking, smoking characters

Born a minister’s son in 1977 in Seoul, Young Chun remembers living in a small attachment to a hillside church as a child. The days spent running around with imaginary friends in the dim empty chapel fuelled his imagination from an early age, contributing to his artistic development.

The “chapel” has become a permanent fixture in his creative mind – where he constructs, develops, and stores works in progress, before they ever meet a sketchpad. In 2000, Young received his B.F.A, from the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena California.

His talent was quickly noticed and he began participating in group shows across Los Angeles. A few years later, Young began working in the healthcare field – in an attempt to search for “substance” and “something deeper in life”. The years spent working in hospitals in Los Angeles, faced with life and death situations, expanded his outlook on life and influenced his artistic vision. In 2011, Young quit his career as a respiratory therapist, realising that what gives his life “substance” is creating images of the complex reality he perceives.

He explains: "My art is a fabrication of reality – the way I see it in my mind. Music, culture, childhood memories, and the people in the environment that surrounds me influence it. When I pass by strangers or a situation taking place, my mind begins to create stories about them – imagining their lives, the triumphs, the tragedies, and the happiness or sadness they experience – this becomes the inspiration for my artwork. But, there is also truth in my art. In each painting there is an expression of what I am thinking and the way I am feeling at the time I am constructing a painting – it is this feeling that I attempt to convey and share."

“Serenade” is Young’s third exhibition with C.A.V.E. Gallery. His work has also been exhibited at SCOPE Art Fair Miami and New York. Young’s paintings continue to gain new followers worldwide, and have been sought out by collectors across the United States, Europe and Australia.


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