Photo-realistic paintings with a surreal American twist

When you first glance at Alex Roulette's American-themed paintings, you could mistake them for real photographs. That is until you spot something odd and out of place, realising instead that they're photo-realistic artworks with a surreal twist.

Roulette explains: "Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastic scenes that explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories. The dreamlike landscapes incorporate familiar elements of suburban life that both stylistically and symbolically represent a quasi-nostalgic ordinariness. The isolation and dislocation of cars, houses, and figures, and the exploration of subtle spatial relationships, recall the hazy state of dreams in which certain details fall into place while others fade away into the unconscious."

You'll especially love the feeling of nostalgia thanks to the retro colour palette and chosen features, such as retro buildings. Whether you'll spot the subtle chilling meaning behind each artwork is another story. See more of his work on his website.


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