See Me More: Illustrator turns the boring business card into a striptease poster

Instead of opting for the usual boring business card, New York City-based Thailand illustrator Gong Kantapon wanted to do something a little more creative by designing a poster of a woman, covered in mini cards that passersby could peel off and take away. But here's where it gets interesting: the more people remove from the artwork; the more is unveiled of the woman's body underneath. It's almost a naughty little game of intrigue where we're either excited or anxious about what will be revealed.

Explaining his thoughts behind the project, Kantapon said: "Everyone uses business cards to introduce themselves. We see a lot of them stacked on tables and dished out at events. Although they might include an eye-catching picture, appealing typography design or bright colour, it's often not enough to get people's attention because they have become too familiar with this type of medium.

"I believe people want to see something that they cannot. Which is why I created the business card poster. It's a way of being able to showcase my artwork but people can't see it because it is concealed by business cards. People are curious and want to see the picture behind the business cards, so they remove my business card from the poster. Simple!"

Born in Bangkok and a graduate of Silpakorn University, Kantapon is a freelance illustrator based in New York City, working under the name of Gongkan. He's available for projects, and you can find out more via his website.


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