Dad Time: A beautiful photographic exploration of fatherhood

Fathers take centre stage in this new personal photography project by Chicago photographer Callie Lipkin.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

Inspired by her own husband and his role as the primary caregiver for their two young sons, aged two and four, she wanted to explore a role that used to be more a mother's territory. Something that is increasingly shifting as more women opt to work and more men choose to take a career break and stay at home to raise their young children.

Entitled Dad Time, the series of images shows glimpses into an everyday fatherly world. The moments captured, from banal to fantastical, are easy for anyone to relate to and connect with.

Speaking of the project, Lipkin said: "The Dad Time project started a couple of years ago more specifically as a hipster dads project, inspired partly by my surroundings and by my new role as a parent. The first image I made was the beach dad with the mermaid tail – it was an incredibly lo-fi production shot near my parent’s house in Minnesota, and is still one of my favourites within the more stylised genre of imagery from the series.

"One of the more recent images, for example, is of a dad juggling two toddlers at his desk – something I often do with my two and four-year-olds when I’m in my home office if they are missing me during the day. As much as the project is inspired by dads themselves, I consider many of the scenes to be self-portraiture with the dads playing me."

To keep track of the ongoing Dad Time project, follow Lipkin on Instagram @clipkin. Or visit her website at


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