Future Fossils: Artist creates sculptures of once-loved, iconic technology

If you're old enough to remember owning a boombox, Polaroid camera or an Atari joystick, then prepare to be delighted with Future Fossils, a series of sculptures by artist Jeff Klarin which pay homage to once-loved technology that we no longer find in our homes.

Working under the name Bughouse, Klarin's artworks aim to preserve the objects and tools that were once widely used but have become historically important. He almost wants them to look as though they are weathered and distressed, as though they've been recently unearthed by future generations – hundreds of years from now.

One could assume that this project serves as a reminder of how time is fleeting, particularly in the world of technology. And that technological advancements are happening at an alarmingly fast pace. These sculpted objects were only really around 15 or 20 years ago, but have already become artefacts... things that new generations won't even begin to understand or comprehend.

To create these sculptures, Klarin first cast the items using cement. He then manipulated their surfaces by hand to give them an aged look and feel. As you can imagine, it's a timely process and every single artwork is crafted by hand. This means each sculpture has its own individual characteristics, making them unique pieces to cherish. Even better, you can purchase your own cemented relic via the Bughouse website.

Via MyModernMet. All photography by Eugene Kim


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