Bright and playful geometric paintings that allow you to translate their meaning

Wakefield artist Lisa V Robinson’s current series of paintings are underpinned by an interest in mark making, colour and form. Rather than reverting to pure abstraction as a method of visualising these interests, she has developed her own painting style which fuses both abstract and representational elements.

She looks to the environment for ideas for composition and mark making, which are as far ranging as architecture, films and reflections to interiors and graffiti. These images are deconstructed and placed on the canvas as abstracted components. The reference material is used up until a certain point, and then the remainder of the painting is finished intuitively.

The resulting artworks are playful in nature with bright geometric blocks of colour and spontaneous gestures. The paintings are often left untitled for the viewer to freely translate the relationship of the forms and gestures. When you browse through this selection, take a moment to ponder over what Robinson is trying to convey. For me, one painting looks like a typical funfair with people enjoying the rides and milling about near various arcades; another could be the driver's carriage of a train, with the world whizzing by outside the window.

Robinson studied BA Fine Art Painting at Manchester School of Art, graduating with first class honours in 2008. Since then, she has proceeded to win the Joan Day Painting Bursary and was shortlisted for the New Lights Art Prize. Discover more about her work at


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