Häng Konsten Lågt: A book to inspire you to start your own art collection by Snask

If you're looking for some inspiration to start your own art collection, then Häng Konsten Lågt – meaning Hang The Art Low – is the book for you. Written by Swedish writer Karolina Modig, the text shares everything you need to know on the subject and will even reassure those with a limited budget or lack of knowledge on the subject.

Modig takes you on her own personal journey of buying art for the first time and she interviews prominent people from the art world, sharing their own insights and making art more accessible to everyone.

For the book's editorial design and cover, Modig approached Stockholm creative agency Snask to come up with the creative. They remarked: "When designing the book, we wanted to keep the aesthetics of an art book, but by adding an editorial touch to the design, we have tried to make it more accessible to a wider audience."

Apparently, the title comes from photographer Annika von Hausswolff: ”I always hang my pictures quite low in order to make you approach the pictures with your stomach rather than with your eyes.”

We love that sentiment. Art for everyone. Art that makes you approach it with your gut rather than anything else. Hang the art low. Discover more about the project on Behance or check out Snask at www.snask.com.


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