Daydreaming in Japan: a colouring book inspired by the streets of Nippon

If you've been lucky enough to visit Japan, you'll no doubt yearn to one day return to this most unique and visually inspiring of countries. But with global travel a little restricted right now, a new colouring book from German artist Denise Rashidi may be a better way to quench your thirst for the land of sushi, manga and 24-hour karaoke.

Denise is known for her dreamlike and vivid illustrations under her alias Surudenise. And her self-published book, Daydreaming in Japan: A Coloring Book and Travel Adventure, harnesses her distinctive style to bring both famous sights and the hidden backstreets of Japan to life.

Inspired by the theme of 'fernweh' (a German word meaning a longing for distant places), the book features 24 single-sided colouring pages and marks the first entry of a 'Daydreaming' series of colouring books. It's aimed towards anyone who feels a constant desire to explore, as well as people who like to experience distant places from the comfort of their own homes.


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