Presence: 3D miniature black creatures that seemingly invade a space

In her installation Presence, New York artist and interior architect Sui Park invades a gallery space with over a hundred miniature black creatures, that immediately remind me of Hayao Miyazaki's sootballs from Spirited Away.

Created for the 8th annual Governors Island Art Fair, the range of sculptures were crafted using black cable ties and were installed at Colonels Row on Governors Island.

Describing her project, Sui said: "A void space has been a recent extension of my work. A space is void if it is found to be useless, uninteresting or simply unnoticed. The void, however, is not always of unworthy. There must be at least one potential as each one of us has. My recent extension explores its innate potential by anthropomorphising it.

"I begin my exploration by asking ‘what if a void space were a living organism?’ ‘How would he or she survive and restore himself or herself?’ ‘How would he or she fill his or her emptiness?’ ‘How would he or she express his or her ego?’ I attempt to visualise these questions and possibly bring the unnoticed to our attention. ‘Presence’ is my recent extension."

Born in Seoul, Korea and now based in New York, Sui's work involves creating three-dimensional flexible organic forms of a "comfortable ambiance that are yet dynamic and possibly mystical or illusionary". She has exhibited all over the world, with her most recent solo show, Playing with Perception, taking place at the Denise Bibro Fine Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Discover more at

Via Behance