Maintenance: Artist Heather Theresa Clark literally unpacks the American Dream

Artist Heather Theresa Clark builds systems that critique our current world predicament. Drawing on her background as an urban planner, green developer and ecologist, her work plays on what she calls "cultural neurosis": the human tendency to over-consume, over-build and over-groom.

Her latest exhibition at Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC, includes three pieces: a video of low-income families running across a highway to get to work; a living room wall with a secret cavity; and a sculptural installation re-creating the American Dream .

This thought-provoking installation includes a working bellows that inflates a concrete ball, railroad tracks, a water fountain, and four live canaries observing the effort. Clark's work is on show at the space until 29 January.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of the artist


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