PosterLad: Award-winning project boasts posters inspired by '90s graphics, VHS packaging, and Bauhaus

Taking inspiration from old VHS packaging, '90s graphics and retro culture, together with a strong influence of Bauhaus, this growing series of poster designs by Czech designer Vratislav Pecka is proving ever-popular with the creative community.

A winner of an A' Design Award in 2019 and German Design Award this year – along with huge popularity on InstagramPosterLad is a side passion project which began in 2016, hoping to "reinvent the perception of posters". Today, it's a profitable venture with posters available to purchase online and shipped across the world.

"A poster does not have to always promote – a product or an event," says Vratislav. "Instead, the designer is using the medium to express his design ideas and unique thinking in terms of approaching poster design as fine art."

Vratislav mainly uses simple shapes, geometrically aligned layouts or organically shaped lines and vivid colours in his poster designs. "It's all about pleasing the viewer's eye," he adds. "Because the world needs good looking things."

Based in Amsterdam, Vratislav studied video editing and animation before moving into the world of graphic design. He freelanced for more than a decade before setting up his own studio with his sister. His side project, PosterLad, began a few years later and has become the main focus. It was inspired by a quote from Wes Anderson's Rushmore when the character Max Fischer said: "I guess you've just gotta find something you love to do and then... do it for the rest of your life."

Designs on PosterLad are split into categories: popular, minimalist, VHS packaging, and organic. Over 500 posters have been shipped globally since the project began four years ago. Browse the posters yourself at


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