Pixel artist Jason Tammemagi shares his love of cyberpunk, retrowave and 1980s culture

Jason Tammemägi is best known for his Dublin-based children's television work, Mooshku. But he's also the pixel artist behind passion project, Genuine Human Art – an appealing showcase of pixel artworks inspired by cyberpunk and retrowave.

Here, we share some of those moving images, dripping with nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 1980s. It's an era Jason remembers fondly: "We had lots of sci-fi, were deep into cyberpunk in short stories and novels, we had Fighting Fantasy books and exciting new role-playing games, early video games and we also had an amazing selection of UK comics.

"I adored staring at the detail on the pages of 2000AD and really wanted to be able to draw like that. So many different styles and different takes on what the future might be like. Not just drawing – world-building and storytelling. It was really inspiring."

Aside from taking us on a trip back to happier, simpler times, Jason has written four children's theatrical feature films, written 150 episodes of kids' television, directed well over 200 and has been showrunner on four series with more than 15 years of experience in the business. His first children's gaming app, Dino Dog, was published by StoryToys to critical acclaim.

His other children's work includes Roobarb & Custard Too, the follow-up to the 1974 cult classic starring the wonderful Richard Briers, plus animated drama Ballybraddan and Punky, the ground-breaking preschool about a little girl with Down's syndrome – amongst many other things. Previously, he was the creative director of Geronimo Productions for 13 years, where he shaped its creative vision.

Jason sees his pixel art as a way to escape and indulge in the things he loved as a child. "I build my pixel pieces more than draw them, like building LEGO. It's a slow process placing pixel after pixel and so there's something calming about that. It's an expression but I get comfort from it in the same way some people get from knitting."

If you want to be transported back in time, discover more of Jason's pixel art at www.artstation.com/genuinehuman or follow him on Instagram.


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