Dramatic, minimalist street photography that captures the quieter side of Tokyo

Picking out the enticing patterns and symmetry of Tokyo's streets and surrounding architecture, while playing with light and shadow – Japanese photographer Hiroharu Matsumoto's minimalist images form beautiful compositions that pay perfect homage to the world's largest city.

All images courtesy of Hiroharu Matsumoto

All images courtesy of Hiroharu Matsumoto

Instead of the usual hustle and bustle that we've come to expect from Japan's pulsating metropolis, Hiroharu captures lone individuals against dramatic backdrops, perhaps depicting the loneliness that one can often feel – even in such a busy, vibrant place.

Amazingly, Hiroharu only picked up a camera in 2015 – and opts for minimalist street photography where "light and shadow are felt in beautiful composition". You can discover more of his dramatic works at www.hiroharumatsumoto.com. Or follow his progress on 500px.


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