Photographer captures the bewitching, neon beauty of Tokyo on a dark rainy night

If you've never seen Tokyo at night, then Scottish graphic designer Liam Wong implores you to visit Japan immediately. Working in the video games industry for Ubisoft in Canada, Liam travels the world through his work and loves to photograph the things he discovers along the way, sharing them on Instagram.

All images by and courtesy of Liam Wong

All images by and courtesy of Liam Wong

This stunning visual feast was taken during a recent trip to Tokyo. He explained: "One night it rained and the city came to life. I got lost in the beauty of Tokyo at night. I was fascinated by how the city lit up and I just kept taking picture after picture. It was like being inside Gaspar Noé’s film Enter The Void, or living in the cyberpunk world that Syd Mead had created in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner."

After posting the pictures online, Liam's following on Instagram increased overnight: "I wish I could say I have extensive techniques or that there is a deeper meaning or that I waited hours for the perfect shot, but I just walked around at night taking pictures of the city. Capturing what was in front of me and sharing it with my followers. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Japan, you absolutely must go, it is beautiful."

If you love this series of shots and you're as crazy about Japan as I am, then follow Liam on Instagram where over 12,000 followers already enjoy seeing his latest work.


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