Minimal Belgrade: Futuristic photography series captures Belgrade’s 20th-century architecture

All images courtesy of Mirko Nahmijas. Via direct submission.

If you're a fan of architecture then this series by Mirko Nahmijas, entitled Minimal Belgrade, should be right up your street.

Documenting the 20th-century architecture of the Serbian capital, the series depicts just a selection of the city's most striking Brutalist-style buildings.

Serving as both a marker in history and a tilt towards futurism, and existing as both minimal and complex in equal measures, the architecture overlaid against bright blue skies makes it difficult to determine the exact timeframe in which the photographs were taken.

Mirko believes that offering a fresh approach is the key to successful photography. He explains: "Being a good photographer, in my opinion, is not just about creating the perfect setting – although it is unquestionably important to find the perfect cadre, skilfully set up the camera, adjust the lights and so on – but finding the perfect angle.

"It's about producing such photographs that show people there are infinite ways of looking at the same thing – over and over again until you realise it is a tad bit different every time you look at it."

The series is available as a collection of aluminium prints, which you can check out here. All images courtesy of Mirko Nahmijas. Via direct submission.