Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman: Comical illustrations that show how they stay fighting fit

To celebrate the release of Superman Vs Batman – and, most importantly, the debut big screen appearance of Wonder Woman – Brazilian illustrator Fulvio Obregon joined forces with healthy juice brand Plenish to create a comical series of illustrations, imagining what the superheroes might get up to during their spare time.

The amusing drawings were created for The Juice-Tice League, a clever campaign offering Recipes for the Invincible – recipes that you and I can easily make at home. They imagine Wonder Woman enjoying some essential meditation time or Superman catching up on some TV while doing his daily pushups.

Speaking of the project, Ilona Broniszweski of Plenish said: "Do they need to stay in shape? Do they eat healthy food? We thought it would be fun to try and take a sneak peak into their private lives and see what they get up to when they aren't saving the world!"

Discover more at where you can download the recipes and see more of the fun illustrations. Find out more about Fulvio on Behance.


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