Photographer Bob Thissen beautifully captures one of Japan's abandoned love hotels

If you don't yet know what a "love hotel" is, it's the kind of establishment that rents rooms by the hour... you know, so you can enjoy some "private time" with your other half. They're all the rage in Japan, and often discreetly tucked away.

All images courtesy of the photographer

All images courtesy of the photographer

For photographer Bob Thissen, he finds them something of a fascination – particularly those that have become unused and abandoned, like this "Love Motel" on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Of course, Bob happens to be quite passionate about researching and exploring abandoned buildings around the world. He's been to uncountable locations to capture what he calls "the beauty of decay". The Love Motel is one of his recent discoveries. And when you browse through the eery images, you can see glimpses of what might have happened behind closed doors.

More of Bob's "abandoned" photography can be found at Or follow him on Instagram.


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