Graphics graduate creates a versatile outfit you can wear for seven days straight

Graphic arts graduate Hiffy Ulrich makes work touching on feminism, sustainability and playfulness, all of which are brilliant realised in her superb '7 Day Outfit' project, created as part of her course at Winchester School of Art.

The origami-inspired garment was inspired by another of Ulrich’s projects, when she made shirt-shaped record sleeves for 7" singles using origami, matching the garment style to the type of music.

Now, her knack for origami has been turned to a garment than can be folded, reversed and tied up to morph into seven different variations.

"I was thinking about how many clothes I had and it was perfect timing because my wardrobe had just broken so I thought, what if there was an outfit that you could wear for a week?" says Ulrich. One side of the reversible outfit shows an illustration as a repeated pattern, with an apron flap for if the user is getting up to something messy, like painting.

The other side has a cheekier feel: the pattern shows a nude woman petting a dog, and is "more about comfort, relaxation and making time for yourself," according to the designer. "It’s about being proud of your body and not afraid to have it on show, hairy legs and all."


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