Dutch street artist reveals the consequences of war in Aleppo

On 19 July, the day that fighting began in Aleppo in 2012, a totally destroyed miniature city appeared at the Museum Square in Amsterdam. The interactive pop-up installation, called Living Aleppo, was created by Saskia Stolz, founder of Power of Art House.

In a unique way, it presents daily life in Aleppo before and during the war through stories told from dozens of people living in the city during the bombings and surviving the violence. From different perspectives, they show people what life was like in this city.

"Aleppo is much more than a devastated city," Saskia explains. "Lives were not only been created, but also destroyed here. Families were founded here, but also torn apart. Studies, careers and ambitions started here... or ended here. We have not made anything more beautiful, but also not more dramatic."

The installation immediately raises the question: How do you rebuild a devastated city, not only the buildings but also the trust? Discover more about the artwork at livingaleppo.co. Or visit www.power-of-art.nl.


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