Photographer beautifully captures people enjoying a unique Rain Room installation

When Random International brought London its fascinating Rain Room installation at the Barbican, local photographer Charlotte Bruning, originally from the Netherlands, had to visit and capture the experience for herself.

She said: "I grew up in Holland with the stereotypical view of the British and their two pet hates being queuing and rain, so it was rather amusing yet bizarre to have to queue for hours to see the rain installation in London. Although I consider myself British, so I can see the appeal and sense of curiosity to experience rain again with a childlike wonder and playfulness. I wanted to capture this and the essence of how something seemingly mundane like rain (which is easily taken for granted) can be transformed into something extraordinary. Part of the importance of this installation and the photographs is their ability to make us look again at something we know is all too familiar and finding appreciation in the smaller things."

Born in The Netherlands, Bruning moved to England at a young age and is now based in London. Her fascination for visual mediums is what led her to study photography and video production as part of her degree at the University of Sussex in Brighton. Today, she specialises in a candid style of photography and you can discover her work at

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