Micro Matter: Intricate vertical worlds crafted inside narrow test tubes by Rosa de Jong

In her series Micro Matter, Amsterdam-based artist and designer Rosa de Jong crafted vertical houses, skyscrapers and elements of nature to fit inside narrow test tubes. With a nod to the impossible bottle, each delicate artwork leaves you shaking your head, wondering how on earth such detailed sculptures could be crafted for such a small space.

After studying for commercial art direction and working for one or two agencies, she went freelance to work with her own clients. Speaking of her work, she said: "Designing can be intense. The more experience I have, the more respect I have for other people's creativity. It's so much easier criticising something that somebody else already did than making something from scratch.

"The most important thing for me is that by the end of a project, everyone is happy. I want to make things people want to look at, not something they're forced to look at. Since people are naturally drawn to stories and people that are different, the goal is to tell the real story of the brand, and set it apart from the crowd, making every piece of communication authentic and personal."

Via Behance


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