Pearlised paintings by Emily Louise Heard that show the beauty of the sky

Emerging Welsh artist Emily Louise Heard, is preparing for her third solo exhibition in South Wales with a series of colourful acrylic paintings dedicated to exploring the beauty of the sky. "I’ve always been fascinated by the sky. It provides me with an endless source of inspiration because you simply cannot see the same sky twice," Emily explains. "To me it is like a painting that an artist is continually working on, forever changing in differing levels of light, tone and shade and I love the challenge of trying to capture the beauty and the emotion that the sky evokes."

Emily works from her home studio with a mixture of acrylics and inks on canvas and adds subtle shimmery highlights to her work using pearlised pigment powder. She is in the process of building a new collection of sky paintings ready for her solo exhibition in The Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, in September 2018.

She adds: "My paintings are not about realism, detail or perfection. They are about colour, emotions and expression, pouring your heart onto a canvas, bare and exposed for others to see. Every brush stroke is a cathartic healing process, an escape from reality and into peace. The sky is my favourite subject to paint because it reminds me that in comparison to its vastness, we are so small. Life too is small, so live every moment of it."


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