CLVB Studio's branding for anti-food waste initiative is bursting with rebellious energy

According to the World Bank, at least 37% of the food produced in Mexico is lost or wasted every year along the value chain. That's despite the number of Mexicans suffering from food security almost doubling as a result of the pandemic, from 25 million in 2019 to 40 million in 2020.

Pacto por la Comida is an initiative driven by Bancos de Alimentos de México (BAMX) and Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) that seeks to generate voluntary agreements to reduce food loss and waste in Mexico. Its goal is to reduce food loss and waste in the country by 50% by 2030.

CLVB Studio's visual identity for the campaign was inspired by the brand's integrity, with a defiant tone that represents human restlessness. Thick and heavy typographies, bursting with character, are given a clear sense of fluidity, generating a visual and emotional contrast in the brand.

The studio developed the branding to be simple, direct and full of energy, with the fiery oranges duelling with the deep blacks to create a kinetic sense of contrast. Meanwhile, intertwined elements and lines mitigate the rigidity of formal typography, making the identity more friendly to the public.


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