Out of this world embroidery hoop art with combined polymer clay sculptures

Hoop art has always been popular on Creative Boom. You've been wowed by the delicate embroidery of Emillie Ferris and İrem Yazıcı. Now it's time to discover a talent who has taken things to a completely new level.

Justyna Wolodkiewicz has combined polymer clay and embroidery to create an "Out of this World" series of hoop art; something she admits is fresh and even surprising to her.

The Polish artist is self-taught and explains her process: "The clay is baked in the oven before implementing. Then I compose thread colours and sculptures. When I design I try to make a deep connection between clay and thread. I want the thread go high and deep into the clay. I want it to grow roots into the fabric! In my process I'm inspired by colours. And I improvise a lot."

You can follow her latest alien creations on Instagram. Even better, you can purchase one of her amazing artworks via her Etsy shop.


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