Delicately embroidered hoop artworks of wildlife by Emillie Ferris

Emillie Ferris isn't just a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer; she also loves to embroider delicate hoop artworks of wildlife – a much-loved hobby that began only two years ago and has now turned into her creative career.

From foxes and hedgehogs to incredibly detailed bees, her craft can also be found on original hand embroidered greeting cards, of which you can purchase from her Etsy shop.

She explains: "I love using this medium as it is timeless, unique and requires a lot of patience. I embroider with one strand of DMC embroidery thread at a time, as this allows me to get capture the finest details possible. The most challenging part is trying to find the perfect colour for a portrait, as you can’t easily mix colour as you would with paint, thus I have to create the illusion of it!"

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Emillie Ferris


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