Larger than Life: The quirky street sculptures of David Mesguich

Combining geometric design with sculpture, and giving it a slightly offbeat, street-art twist, French artist David Mesguich has been creating work that's turning heads across Europe.

His most recent project is a 10m-high sculpture of a little girl drawing a sun in the sky. It was commissioned by Gallery 208 for a public space in the Polish city of Poznan and was inspired by, and named after, his own four-year-old daughter, Lucie.

It took Mesguich five months to draw and fabricate the five-tonne sculpture. Exsud, a furniture design studio based in Poland, helped with the construction and installation.

Other recent projects by Mesguich include Stateless, two massive blue-and-white sculptures of refugees made of recycled plastic abandoned in Paris suburbs, and Egoism 1.0, another installation made of recycled elements that first appeared at La Lune en Parachute art centre and was then "forsaken in a train yard somewhere in the north of France".


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