Nostalgic branding project champions contemporary cosmopolitan world of Catalonia

When Guadalajara-based design studio Ochodias was asked to develop a new brand identity for Sabio Infante, a bistro bar located in Barri de Gràcia, Barcelona, the team looked backwards in order to forward think.

Located in a place "where the artistic and bohemian atmosphere concentrates most within the contemporary cosmopolitan world of Catalonia", the creative concept is inspired by the house of a nostalgic character – passionate about exploration and a collector of objects linked to his childhood.

It was this inquisitive spark that led the man to turn his home into a restaurant.

This story paired with eclectic interiors, thanks to the use of vintage furniture from different countries, curious objects, mirrors, maps and tropical plants, provides a fresh and evocative ambience.

Ochodias works with national and international clients in the development of visual identities for brands and products, naming, packaging and creative direction. Its main focus is to help brands to communicate better and in a different way. Find out more at


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