SB Studio's innovation hub branding reflects "that ‘oh!’ moment"

Liverpool, London and Cambridge-based Studio SB has just unveiled its colourful, playful rebrand for Liverpool's OH, formerly known as Innovators Hub.

The hub was set up three years ago by then-17-year-old college student Robyn Dooley, with the aim of helping young people find their way into the creative industries.

SB was brought in to "help tell their story and imagine their future with a rebrand and new digital home." According to the agency, the platform "has been built to reflect OH’s thriving offline creative and digital community" and "connects talent with industry through alternative education, opportunities, networks and inspiration, sharing new ways of working to equip the next generation with creative and digital leaders." Among OH's partners are Angel Solutions, Mando, ustwo, Capital&Centric and SB.

"A new identity that reflected our personality, our community and our mission was never going to be an easy task" says Dooley, "but [now] we have an exciting future and an identity we’re incredibly proud of.”

Benji Holroyd, SB founder and creative director, adds,“The OH brand reflects the feeling you get when the penny drops. That ‘oh!’ moment when you realise you’ve hit upon something special, it also acts a prefix to pretty much anything. The identity is collaborative, energetic, expressive and incredibly resilient. It’s a brand identity with a voice, one that can imagine new futures while echoing the values and purpose of OH.

"A playground to explore, challenge, disrupt, provoke and do."


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