No Place Like Home: Photographs that reveal different people's homes across London

Via Creative Boom submission. All images by and courtesy of Jonathan Donovan

No Place Like Home is an ongoing photography and audio project by London-based photographer Jonathan Donovan, that explores what it's like to live in London today, and asks what constitutes a home "in this febrile environment".

He is fascinated by the "determination of people to find and define a space where they can live" and has focused not just on the negative stories, but on people’s pride in making a home, often against the odds, one they have furnished with their personality and belongings. He has tried to be as non-judgemental as possible and instead to juxtapose different kinds of homes and lifestyles of a number of different residents, both rich and poor, illustrating the diverse approaches to making a home in the city.

Jonathan began the project in January 2016 and a selection of the works will be exhibited at The Young Vic's exhibition space Platform Southwark, in central London, between from 16 September.

Arresting and compelling, these are unique glimpses into London's domestic spaces, looking at the diverse way we create homes and the unique relationships we have with them, whatever they may be.