One Year, Two Rooms: A photographic exploration of 12 months in a London flat

When award-winning London photographer Darran Rees found himself living in a small London apartment, he decided to challenge himself and see if he could take interesting pictures inside the same walls for an entire year.

The resulting series, entitled One Year in Two Rooms, takes ordinary, everyday things – such as curtains, kitchen utensils and laundry – and transforms them into works of art. With appealing light and shadow in every shot, the photographs are dripping with homely nostalgia.

Speaking of the work, Darran said: "I was constantly surprised by the ever-changing mood and nature of the same environment over time. Trying to find the beauty by looking at the familiar – simple and obvious, everyday and mundane, but in a different way. It was almost like having a conversation with myself."

Born in Wales, Darran originally trained in art and painting before moving to London and switching careers to photography in the mid '90s. Still based in the capital, but also in New York City, he continues to work for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Darran Rees


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