Mr President's design studio offshoot Oval rebrands London Bronze Casting

Oval, a new strategic design studio offshoot of creative agency Mr President, recently unveiled its new branding for London Bronze Casting, a group working with various processes and tools with the aim of pushing the boundaries of their craft; working with traditional means alongside new technologies like 3D scanning.

The studio was bought in for the project when LBC realised that its business ambitions were growing beyond casting, and this would mean requiring a new brand identity to help push new business areas such as collecting and selling the casted works that it creates.

Oval spent several days onsite at the foundry, to observe the process of the makers and creators working together and noted the “number of parts involved in creating a single work,” says the studio. This led them to create a mutable brand identity that uses a colour palette rooted in the casting process with a custom designed logo font.

“From spending a lot of time at the foundry and understanding how London Bronze Casting worked, we saw the extensive parts of the process that went into producing these amazing pieces of artwork, from melting the wax at the beginning of the casting process to forging their own tools bespoke to each job,” says James Andrews, head of design at Oval.

“From watching them work, we know that with London Bronze Casting, the end product is the culmination of the process. That’s what informed our logo, a bespoke modern and elegant wordmark that can be broken down and put back together as building blocks for the brand.”

The new identity aims to “bring together its new business areas and sets the stage for its next phase of growth with an adaptable brand that is more than the sum of its parts.”

Instead of taking a fee for the design work, Oval opened to instead get a share in one of the sculptures in LBC’s “The Collection” when it sells.


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